Time Spent promotes both emerging and established rap artists by recording live performances through the specific medium of VHS. The VHS format will not only set our videos apart from the current demand for hd but also reference the early days of no budget and DIY street rap videos. By challenging the rap and video artist with a strict set of rules, time spent creates an objective view of rap performance as an art form in a unique and raw experience.
Each video must be shot on VHS. The performance must be shot without edits or cut-aways. Post production must be limited only to the addition of titular text. The rap and video artists must mutually agree upon a location to shoot the performance. By these limitations, each video will inspire the unique exploration of new territory.
Rap Artist
Each rap artist must present a piece that has either been written exclusively for time spent or not previously released. This limitation challenges the artist to create rather than replicate. No beat/music/hook may be used with the rap either on camera or in post production. Nothing can carry the artist except their own words.
During the summer of '09 Ronin was working on an album cover for VA rapper Zaiah Burke. Armed with a recently purchased VHS camera from a college professor, Matthew joined Ronin to shoot "everything but" a rap video. Working closely with Zaiah on location, they not only worked out the flow of the video but also where they could plug the camera into an available socket. After reviewing the tape, the Time Spent format was clear and defined.